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Show changed files between two git commits

Sometimes I want to get a list of files I changed within the history of a branch (or between two commits). To find out which commits I want to use I just refer to the graph, you can use any number of tools for this such as gitx, sourcetree or even git log –graph –oneline –all.

Run this command to add a git alias:

git config --global alias.changed-between '!f() { git log --pretty="%H" --author="$(git config" $1..$2 | while read commit_hash; do git show --oneline --name-only $commit_hash | tail -n+2; done | xargs ls 2>/dev/null | sort | uniq; }; f'

Then use it like this

git changed-between 07d2882 4881cdd

Which will give you an output like: